REDOLENT SPIRES is now available on GrimmusiK & Mine All Mine Records!!

$10 digital // physical cd at show

$12 physical cd ~ mailed to you

See you at the Release Show tonight!

5/15 Brothers Grimm feat. Eric Miller @ Dobra

Brothers Grimm featuring Eric Miller (bass viola da gamba)
Tues, May 15th 7-9pm @ Dobra Tea

Viola da Gamba is a fretted string instrument originating in the 15th century which can be bowed or plucked. Used primarily during the Renaissance & Barouque period, Viols are predecessors and close cousins of the Violin family. With seven gut strings, gut frets, and arch bow, the viola da gamba produces a breathy, thick tone with airy dynamic.

The Brothers Grimm look forward combining ancient Chinese guqin and Flamenco guitar with Eric Miller’s ancient European viol. Join us for a night of string trio music, in an orchestration most likely never before assembled!  All combined this Trio has 20 strings in it ~ that’s gotta be worth checkin’ out right!?

New “Photos” Page!!

Instruments used to record the Brothers Grimm forthcoming album Redolent Spires. Be sure to view the rest of Diwas Sherchan's instrument photography in our new "photos" page!

REDOLENT SPIRES to be released this May!  Joshua Newland is currently crafting the album art.  His work is spine-tingling and will leave you mystified, so get excited!

Baby’s First Flamenco

We finished recording our studio album last Thursday at Blast House Studios!

Side B comprises of structured improvisations on flamenco guitar and guqin in four qin tunings (two traditional, two original).

Preview AJ ripping up a redolent Rondeña accompanied by BC’s inaugural investigation of flamenco-guqin!

Recording Engineer:: Landon Arkens :: Blast House Studios