5/15 Brothers Grimm feat. Eric Miller @ Dobra

Brothers Grimm featuring Eric Miller (bass viola da gamba)
Tues, May 15th 7-9pm @ Dobra Tea

Viola da Gamba is a fretted string instrument originating in the 15th century which can be bowed or plucked. Used primarily during the Renaissance & Barouque period, Viols are predecessors and close cousins of the Violin family. With seven gut strings, gut frets, and arch bow, the viola da gamba produces a breathy, thick tone with airy dynamic.

The Brothers Grimm look forward combining ancient Chinese guqin and Flamenco guitar with Eric Miller’s ancient European viol. Join us for a night of string trio music, in an orchestration most likely never before assembled!  All combined this Trio has 20 strings in it ~ that’s gotta be worth checkin’ out right!?

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