Current of Air | Jan 2013 Hong Kong Premiere (Video)


Hong Kong Premiere Jan 2013

LED + Lighting |  James Kong,
Morgan Aasdam,  PC Sei
​Choreography |  Koala Yip
​Dancer | Christine He
Score | Brothers Grimm


It has been five years since I studied Chinese string instruments in Hong Kong.  I couldn’t be more thrilled that Koala Yip decided to use my guqin music for this project.  It means so much to have my music vibrate the air in Hong Kong –  expressing “this is where I’m at, what I’ve learned, what I have to say on guqin” to a place/people that I love.

Thank You Koala!


Current of Air | Koala Yip  Artistic Director 

“This piece anticipates a new dimension of artform, “Performative Installation”. The performance integrates live performance and interactive media instillation intends to bring the audience an innovative way of theatre experience. This form of art merges boundaries of contemporary media arts and conventional stage performance.  The intention is to investigate a more philosophical issue of “Sense of Air” employing an artistic way of expression. This piece illustrates the diffusiveness of airs, which human body flows between visible and invisible, between presence and absence, and between the extremity of natural terrain and modern landscape. “


| “Current of Air” applies the form of “Book” as primary structure of presentation. Each chapter aims to bring up certain theoretical enquiries between theatre performance and new media arts. These questionings are expressed through an experimental art production, performative installation. Our team intends to bring new message to our audience beyond the external terrain of “watching”. Instead, to explore a way of “reading” to appreciate and contemplate the internal terrain of an art piece, just as to inhale and exhale along with the flow of reading chapters from a living book.”

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