Cello Club Play Along! “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” Harmonic Minor Version (P3)

Practice and learn the Harmonic Minor Version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” with me in this Music con Brio Play Along Video!

Click here to download Music con Brio Packet 3

Today we’ll do a brief play along of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, which you learned in Packet 2, but this time it will be the Harmonic Minor Version! This involves a new minor scale which we haven’t used before and a tricky extension between Low 1 and 3rd finger on the D string. We’ll go through the G Harmonic Minor Scale note by note, discuss the tricky business of the 1xx34 extension, and play through the piece together!

This is a difficult hand shape to get used to, take your time and listen to your body. Make sure to warm up properly first and to stretch your hand and fingers thoroughly afterwards. The harmonic-minor version of this song is even cooler than the original. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Stay healthy and Happy Practicing! ~ Brian

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