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Brian Grimm – Composer, Performer, Sound Designer

attn: Brian Grimm | | 262-347-9590


 There are very few artists that I trust implicitly, and Brian is one of them.  It’s amazing how much he can capture emotion and the human condition in those inanimate strings.  

 Tommy Lewey, Choreographer & Director, NoExit Performance, Indianapolis

” Brian Grimm is a true collaborator. I highly recommend him as his expertise, generosity, and improvisational skills made him an integral element of Indiana Repertory Theater’s success with the production of ‘Mary’s Wedding’. Brian’s passion for music, narrative, and reaching audiences is inspiring. 

Gwendolyn Whiteside, Producing Artistic Director, American Blues Theater, Chicago

” I strongly recommend Brian Grimm and his work as a composer and collaborator. I worked with Brian on a unique project over an intensive six-month period in 2010 in which he created, composed, and played live onstage an original cello score for a production of Stephen Massicote’s play MARY’S WEDDING which I directed at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Brian’s gift is a remarkable blend of craft, intuition, and professionalism. His work on MARY’S WEDDING was created over time (both long-distance as well as in the rehearsal room) and his contributions defined the production in profound ways. His music was an integral part of the storytelling, carefully crafted moment to moment, always at the service of the characters and their emotional journeys. Brian is an artist I look forward to working with again and I urge you to give him and his work full consideration. 

⁓ James Still, Writer and Director, Los Angeles

The Collaborative Process – Brian, has worked very closely with our directors to produce not only the kind of sound that a production needs, but the kind of score that transcends the page.

Commitment – Like an actor or designer, Brian uses music to express what a particular script ignites in his imagination.  He then hones that score to fall into the vision the director has for that particular production.  Having been an actor in 2 productions Brain has scored, he not only makes himself present in a majority of the rehearsals, but he becomes so attuned to the rhythm of the scene that his music is another character in the show.  So much so, that, on the days he was not in rehearsal, it was like a character was missing; the rehearsal somehow felt lesser.

Live Performance – When playing live at the performances, he adjusts his own execution to match what he sees on stage paying close attention to the actors’ pace, intensity, even their breathing.  In my most recent production with Brian, The Baltimore Waltz, he also created the pre-recorded sound effects and seamlessly played live in tandem with those cues.  This sound design and score, winning him the 2015 Bartell Theatre Award – Best Sound Design of the 2014-2015 Season.

Post Script – Brian’s talent and skill are an asset to any production, but it’s his attitude toward his work and his personality that make him a joy to have on your team.

Erin S. Baal, Board of Directors, Strollers Theatre Ltd.


A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry, dir. Mikael Burke, prod. Third Avenue PlayWorks, Sturgeon Bay, WI (Dec. 2022)

Birds of North America by Anna Ouyang Moench, dir. Jacob Janssen, prod. Third Avenue PlayWorks, Sturgeon Bay, WI (Oct. 2022)

The Wanderers by Anna Ziegler, dir. Mikael Burke, prod. Forward Theatre Company at The Overture Center, Madison, WI (Sep. 2022)

The Magnolia Ballet by Terry Guest, dir. Mikael Burke, prod. About Face Theatre at The Den Theatre, Chicago, IL (May-June 2022)

Before the 19th (Filmed version) written & directed by Georgeanna Wade Smith with React Indianapolis, IN (Feb. 2022)

Shrapnel by Paul Michael Thomson, dir. Mikael Burke with React Indianapolis, IN (Nov. 2021)

We Are Proud to Present…. by Jackie Sibblies Drury dir. Mikael Burke at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN (Oct. 2021)

LunART Festival, Linda DiRaimondo Aerial Dance, “Anamchara” (2019) – solo guqin zither plus pedalboard aerial dance score.


“They’re Still Here” (2018) 30’50”
A Musique Concrète élégie honoring loved ones who’ve passed. (see liner notes)


DINNER| NoExit Performance
2/2016  Indianapolis, IN @ Mesh, on Mass Ave
directed by Tommey Lewey
score composed & performed by Brian Grimm


11/2013  Madison, WI @ Humanities Building
directed & performed by Koala Yip (Hong Kong)
score composed & performed by BC Grimm


THE BALTIMORE WALTZ | Strollers Theatre, Ltd
10/2014 – 11/2014  Madison, WI  @  Bartell Theatre
directed by John Cooper & Scott Bennett
written by Paula Vogel
score & sound design composed & performed by Brian Grimm


01/2013 – 06/2013  Indianapolis, IN @ Irvington Center
directed by Michael Burke, written by William Shakespeare
score & sound design composed by The Brothers Grimm
score & sound design performed by BRAIN GRIMMER
| Pictures of the foley recording sessions
| Director & Composer notes
| Behind the scenes video and what audiences are saying


A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM | Strollers Theatre, Ltd
03/2013 – 05/2013  Madison, WI  @  Bartell Theatre
directed by Greg Harris, written by William Shakespeare
score composed & performed by Sisters Three 
| Pictures & Composer notes


01/2013 Hong Kong, HK @ Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts
directed & choreographed by Koala Yip
LED + lighting by James Kong, Morgan Aasdam, PC Sei
score composed & performed by Brian Grimm


SHINSAI: JAPANESE TSUNAMI | American Blues Theater
03/2012 Chicago, IL  @  Victory Gardens Biograph Theater
score improvised by Brian Grimm


THE LIVES OF CUT FLOWERS | PaperStrangers Dance/Theater Co
04/2011 – 05/2011 Indianapolis, IN  @  Indy Fringe Theatre
directed & choreographed by Tommey Lewey
directed & written by Jessica Strauss
score composed & performed by The Brothers Grimm


MARY’S WEDDING | Indiana Repertory Theatre
09/2010 – 12/2010  Indianapolis, IN @ Indiana Repertory Theatre
directed by James Still, written by Stephen Massicotte
score composed & performed by Brian Grimm


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