Hooked Bow Warm Ups: “Farmer In The Dell” & “Row Your Boat” (P4)

Today in the CelloZone, we’ll be looking at Hooked Bow Patterns from 2 different pieces in 6/8, “Farmer in the Dell” and “Row Boat”. Both of these pieces are in Music con Brio Packet 4. I worked really hard to have continuity, progression and a through-line between these three exercise videos – I hope you enjoy!

[1] Hooked Bow Warm Ups: “Farmer in the Dell” in D Major

In this video we’ll cover some custom Warm Up Exercises for “Farmer in the Dell” in D Major. We’ll also cover how to play D Major on the C & G strings for the first time! We’re doing this because we’ll need the same Forwards Extension fingerings when we play in A Major for “Row Your Boat”. Both pieces use a “Hooked Bow” technique in 6/8, so we’ll be exploring that bowing pattern with the notes of the key. Make sure to pair this video with the Row Your Boat Warm Ups video and the Part 2 video where I discuss how to structure your practice sessions throughout the week, to best utilize these warm ups!

Hooked Bow Warm Ups: “Row Your Boat” in A Major part 1

In this video we’ll cover some custom Warm Up Exercises for you to work on when practicing “Row Your Boat” in A Major. This is a tricky key on cello, especially since it’s likely your first time playing with 3 Sharps. I’ll guide you through the fingerings for A Major on the G & D strings. We’ll cover how to safely do forwards extensions (1X2 4) and how to apply the Hooked Bow rhythms in this piece to your scale. Make sure to watch and play along to the “Farmer in the Dell” Warm Ups video, where I spend more time explaining “Hooked Bows” and 6/8 meter. Where as the Hooked Bow patterns in “Farmer” are Legato (smooth), the articulation for “Row Boat” are Staccato (short).

How to Structure your Warm Up Exercises throughout the Week: “Row Your Boat” part 2

In Part 2 of Row Your Boat in A Major and Farmer In The Dell in D Major, we’ll discuss how to structure your Warm-Ups Progression in each practice session throughout the week, using all of the warm up exercises from the previous two videos. I’ll give you step by step advice on a practice “Cycle” that will help you improve your technique and keep things fresh in the practice room. Be sure to check out the “Warm Up” videos for “Farmer in the Dell” and “Row Your Boat” first!

Good luck with these Hooked-Bow exercises, I hope they get you locked into the groove. Remember, you can always rewind and adjust the play back speed when you are playing along to the videos! Stay healthy and Happy Practicing! ~ Brian

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