Redolent Spires Release ~ AV Club shout out

Shout out in AV Club

“With a combination of backgrounds in Chinese music and Flamenco, The Brothers Grimm (Brian and AJ) are able to create extremely striking contemporary classical with only string instruments. Compositions like “Stochastic Contexture: Heads” possess the unique ability to calm and agitate almost silmutaneously. Here, the Brothers will be celebrating the release of their new full-length, Redolent Spires, within the comfortable confines of Dobrá Tea on State Street. A somewhat uncommon venue will seem perfect for this somewhat uncommon line-up, featuring vocal wonder DB Pedersen, The Watercourse Quartet, and what’s being billed as a “mega DJ party-athon-#1-fun-time” to close out the night, featuring DJs Bohemian Transplant and Doctor Oxygen.”

Event Info

Bros Grimm: REDOLENT SPIRES album release party ~ 6/8/12 Dobra Tea

Brothers Grimm 


album release party

Dobra Tea

Fri, June 8th 2012

7pm Watercourse Q4 + DB Pedersen

8pm REDOLENT SPIRES premiere

9pm mega DJ party-athon-#1-fun-time

DJ Squad Bohemian Transplant 

The new Brothers Grimm studio album REDOLENT SPIRES is finally printed and ready to share!  Help us celebrate the art of our incredible collaborators Landon Arkens (recording eng.), Josh Newland (album art), & Diwas Sherchan (booklet photos)!!

To whet thine appetite, here are three new preview tracks from the album ~

See you on the 8th!!

Original album cover concept art by Josh Newland!

New “Photos” Page!!

Instruments used to record the Brothers Grimm forthcoming album Redolent Spires. Be sure to view the rest of Diwas Sherchan's instrument photography in our new "photos" page!

REDOLENT SPIRES to be released this May!  Joshua Newland is currently crafting the album art.  His work is spine-tingling and will leave you mystified, so get excited!