Redolent Spires Release ~ AV Club shout out

Shout out in AV Club

“With a combination of backgrounds in Chinese music and Flamenco, The Brothers Grimm (Brian and AJ) are able to create extremely striking contemporary classical with only string instruments. Compositions like “Stochastic Contexture: Heads” possess the unique ability to calm and agitate almost silmutaneously. Here, the Brothers will be celebrating the release of their new full-length, Redolent Spires, within the comfortable confines of Dobrá Tea on State Street. A somewhat uncommon venue will seem perfect for this somewhat uncommon line-up, featuring vocal wonder DB Pedersen, The Watercourse Quartet, and what’s being billed as a “mega DJ party-athon-#1-fun-time” to close out the night, featuring DJs Bohemian Transplant and Doctor Oxygen.”

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