3/29 | Evil Genius (LA) w Stray Passage @ Art In

Wed, 3/29 | $8 doors 730p  / music 800p @ Art In

1444 E Wash Ave., Madison, WI 53703

EVIL GENIUS (LA) – tuba, guitar, drums

Brennan Connors & Stray Passage

Join us for an evening of Jazz Trios at Art In’s spacious gallery!

Evil Genius (Portland/Los Angeles) is a forward-marching experimental jazz trio formed in 2012. The band is made up of Max Kutner on guitars (Grandmothers of Invention, Magic Band, Alphonso Johnson), Stefan Kac on tuba (Milo Fine, Jon Armstong, Hammerstein) and Michael “Bonepocket” Lockwood on drums and percussion (Atomic Ape, Deradoorian, Matt Kivel). The band’s unique sound has drawn comparisons to groups as wide-ranging as the Minutemen, This Heat and Captain Beefheart to jazz figures like John McLaughlin, Steve Lacy, Henry Threadgill and many more. They have received acclaim from the New York City Jazz Record, Bad Alchemy, Los Angeles Jazz Station, Downtown Music Gallery, El Intruso and more. In the words of Larry Koonse, “this band can do it all–whether its in your face rock, free wheeling open improvisation, 20th century classical music, or jazz–they can pull it off and upend all of your expectations.” Their debut album, “Bitter Human” was released in late 2015 and available through Orenda Records in Los Angeles.


You have arrived at the spontaneous soundscapes of Evil Genius, just on the cusp of this dimension of sound and waiting to transcend to another. Sign in here.

Now you may enter. There’s no need to take off your jacket. Take a seat. Here, sip this iced tea. Or would you like a soda? No, there are no soy lattes. Don’t be ridiculous!

Now drink – it will calm your nerves.

You are now ready to begin.

You are now a participant in the experience. A series of experiments. Each experiment will uncover a new layer of understanding, a new level of intrigue.

It may vary for you depending on you – are you cautious? Are you adventurous?

Only time will tell.

We hope you enjoy your stay…

(excerpt from the liner notes by Angela Allan)

7/18-7/20 | Tenderfoot Collective Summer Art Show @ ‘Art In’



@ ‘Art In’ 
1444 E Washington Ave, Madison

Gallery Hours
| Fri, 07/18,  5-8pm | Sat, 07/19, 4-8pm | Sun, 07/20, 1-4pm |

Shoshanah Marohn, Renee Lund Helin, Kathleen White Wright, Christopher Fleissner, Mary Wright, Dan Constien, Keely Merchant, Deb Eide, Arra Van Galder.

Collage, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Assemblage, Dioramas, Animation, Printmaking 

Tea by Qi Hong Chai!


Todo Cósmico
Taboo Blah Blah
Dennis Glanville 7pm-8pm

Metasun ft. Colin Higgins
Charlie Painter and Friends 6pm-8pm

Monica Bren
Brennan Connors and Stray Passage 3pm