SiLas Be Ritchie & Brian Tairaku Ritchie: ‘Tea Life: Wabi Sabi Remixes’ Released!

Back in June, 2013 painter & musician SiLas Be Ritchie went in for a double lung transplant.  Silas had been ‘on call’ for a while & we all knew this could come at any time.  An unfathomable situation to me – you wait & wait, then out of the blue a phone rings, “hey, we’re ready to rip that giant organ out of your chest and replace it with a new set”…  I certainly didn’t imagine that I’d be out of town when the call came – in Indianapolis, performing the horror-score to NoExit Performance production of “This Is Not Shakespeare’s MACBETH“.  We had received the stems for this remix project prior to the surgery.  When I heard SiLas was going in, I went right to work on a BRAIN GRIMMER contribution ~ trying to send out sonic good-vibes to Si while he was in procedure & recovery.  We’re all grateful that he came out of surgery just fine and has been living his life full of breath!

Fast forward to November, 2014, the more recent good news is… the Tea Life: Wabi​-​Sabi Remixes album has finally dropped!  It has been well worth the wait to hear the wonderfully crafted and varied interpretations that have resulted in these remixes.  Kudos to Si for putting this together!

”  Wabi-Sabi is the second track off of Tea Life 2, the sophomore record by Silas Be and Brian Tairaku Ritchie (Shakuhachi master & bassist of Violent Femmes). The 4 stems of music that assemble the song (Drums, Flute, Bass, Chime samples) were sent to an array of musician friends. I asked my friends to create a new composition using any amount of the original music, except zero. What returned are these transmission. Enjoy.  

If you choose to pay $25 for the album, include your address in a message, and I will create and send to you an original Silas Be watercolor painting.

Album Cover Art: Silas Be

Track Art by: Andrew Jay (except “Ghost” by John Praw, Image by John Praw, and Wabi-Sabi art by Silas Be)  

The BRAIN GRIMMER contribution, ‘crop dance’, is one of my favorite tracks that I’ve worked on… it’s also been the most difficult to mix & master.  For the last 3 months I’ve been working on/off towards re-mastering the track.  I’ll be releasing a new BRAIN GRIMMER ep some time in early 2015, comprising of remixes, guest-producer features, and cover songs from the last 2 years.  More on that in the coming months!

Jan 5 | BRAIN GRIMMER live @ Lost City Winter Series

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Lost City Winter Series

Sat 1/5

Mine All Mine Records presents

Lost City Music Festival

Winter Series @ Dragonfly Lounge


Echo Island

Nude Human


$5 Cover | 21+

Doors 9:00PM | Music 9:30PM


This Saturday, BRAIN GRIMMER will take the stage once again for the Lost City Winter Series presented by Mine All Mine Records at the Dragonfly Lounge.  It will be a thrill to hear electronic duo Nude Human, featuring Jawbone Kruse of MAM Records, Pushmi-Pullyu, Dressed Up, John Praw  & Saucy Pat of Lovely Socialite, Weather Duo, Watercourse Q4.  Of course, it’s always a pleasure to share the stage with CONTROL, one of our favorite Madison rock outfits!  Be sure to check out Control’s new album Longino, K!

BRAIN GRIMMER live @ Frequency | Photo: Angela C Villa

BRAIN GRIMMER live @ Frequency | Photo: Angela C Villa

The BRAIN GRIMMER set will consist of mostly new material, which can be previewed here >

| Get up to speed on previous BRAIN GRIMMER releases, here below |

BRAIN GRIMMER set up @ Freq | Photo: Angela C Villa

BRAIN GRIMMER set up @ Freq | Photo: Angela C Villa


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Mon, 11/19 @ Frequency



8:30pm | $5 | 18+

Join us for two solo electronic music acts as THOLLEM ELECTRIC (Vox + electric Piano + fx) & BRAIN GRIMMER (Cello + Guzheng + APC40 > AbletonLive) explore electronic sound-scapes in experimental sonic territories.

Thollem Electric: Tsigoti+ is an anarcho blues lullaby noise free jazz circus punk show of solo renditions of Tsigoti songs plus more.

Thollem has been traveling perpetually throughout North America and Europe the past six years, collaborating with artists such as Mike Watt (Minutemen/The Stooges), Nels Cline (Wilco), John Dieterich/Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Jad Fair (Half-Japanese) and Arrington de Dionyso (Old Time Relijun).


About Thollem, Signal to Noise magazine marvels, “It seems beyond the capacity of one human being to contain so much densely-packed creative energy”. Thollem is traveling with four recently-released recordings: Read Between The Lines…Think Outside Them – Tsigoti (Post-Consumer, Oct. 2012); You Are Always On Our Minds – The Hand to Man Band with Mike Watt, John Dieterich and Tim Barnes (Post-Co! nsumer); The Gowanus Session with William Parker and Nels Cline (Porter Records) and 10,000 Tigers with Arrington de Dionyso (Self-Released).



BRAIN GRIMMER, of GrimmusiK, is the electronic music moniker of composer & multi-instrumentalist BC Grimm. Since September 2011, BCG has released 3 EPs: WALT: Recycle Vol I  [2011] | Recycle Vol II  [2012] | CONVERGING Lines: Recycle Vol III   [2012] & 2 full-length albums: BEATS EP   [2011/2012] | Baby’s First DubStep [2012] as Brain Grimmer. His Recycle Projects began as an outlet to electronically re-purpose original string music composed for Theater, Dance, Film, and Yoga score commissions (Mary’s Wedding, Flock Migrates Over the Pines, Lives of Cut Flowers).  His BEATS EP ranges from: jazz inspired hiphop instrumentals & texture bent break-beats, to manipulated samples sourced from Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Japan, China, Egypt, India, and elsewhere! Heavily influenced by music concrete, early tape pieces, & avant-garde aleatory from 20th century composers; BCG! also turns to leaders in 21st C. beat music such as Amon Tobin, J’Dilla, & Flying Lotus for inspiration. Brain Grimmer scores for Tinker Films have recently been featured at the 2012 Wisconsin Film Fest & Bronx International Film Fest 2012. BCG is now working on material for a new solo album, composing with source audio of extended technique on his cello and Chinese string instruments.  This will mark his first Official BRAIN GRIMMER live set, don’t miss it!!


BEATS EP now available at GrimmusiK

Purchase BRAIN GRIMMER BEATS EP for download at GrimmusiK!

Think about it, $8 is cheaper than most meals around town, that’s two tap beers.  For $8 you can take these tasty jams home and put ’em up on the BububuBeats shelf in your digital pantry, no expiration date!