Stray Passage w/ Sockrates Carnival of Sock Puppet Morals and Logic


Fri, 02/21 8pm  $6  @ Mother Fool’s Cafe [Mad]

Brennan Connors & Stray Passage 

with the Sockrates Carnival of Sock Puppet Morals & Logic

  Brennan Connors & Stray Passage is a jazz trio lead by saxophonist Brennan Connors. The ensemble embraces free and structured improvisation, original compositions, and groove based experiments. Geoff Brady is featured on drums and percussion; BC Grimm on Contra-cello (and a variety of Chinese string instruments). The breadth of the group ranges from focused minimalism to fiery high energy music, all while maintaining a sense of narrative organization throughout performances.

Stray Passage will be joined by the Sockrates Carnival of Sock Puppet Morals and Logic. The Sockrates troupe employs dialogue, music and socks to convey the wealth and breadth of the human (and sock) experience. Tonight’s performance will feature selections from the Willy Street Co-op Reader Letters and will feature the vocal talents of Biff Blumfumgagnge, Alex Burke, Stephen Burke, Jim Goronson, Kia Karlen, Robin Kurzer Debbie Rabin, Urban Van Hoof, Maggie Weiser, and Jonathan Zarov  


> here’s a preview of a new Stray Passage tune we’ll perform on Friday, enjoy!