9/23-24 | ImprovisationaLU – Lawrence University Festival of Improvised Music


Lawrence University Festival of Improvised Music

Presented by Deep Listeners of Lawrence University

The first annual Festival of Improvised Music will be an all weekend event for the Lawrence and Appleton Communities. The aim of the event is to show case all kinds of improvised music and to engage the audience in as many ways as possible. We are featuring some of the finest improvisers from the LU Community, the Wisconsin Community and from across the country.

Check out this Lawrence Univeristy News write-up:
ImprovisationaLU: Two-day festival features some of music world’s best improvisers

Warch Campus Center–Esch Hurvis Room
8-9PM: Matt Turner & Hal Rammel
9:15-10:30PM: Jen Shyu‘s Solo Rites: Seven Breaths directed by Garin Nugroho

McCarthy Co-op – Late Night House Show (Students Only)
11-12AM: Matt Blair Trio w/ John Christensen and Devin Drobka
12-1AM: Brian Grimm & Sam Genualdi

Warch Campus Center–Esch Hurvis Room
7:15-8:15PM: Carnage The Executioner
8:30-9:15PM: Fred Frith Solo
9:20-10:15PM: White Out w/ Fred Frith

McCarthy Co-op – Late Night House Show (Students Only)
11-12AM: Multa Nox
12-1AM: Pony Pop

Supported by: LUCC, McCarthy Co-op, SAI, Sinfonia, SOL Studios, EMC, Fiddle Club, Band Booking Committee, WLFM, WAC, SLUG, ORC

No Cover – Donations Benefit BLUME-Haiti