Thollem McDonas + Brothers Grimm 8/9 Dobra 7pm

Poster by John Praw Kruse (Head of Mine All Mine Records) will be available at the show! $5 each!


Thollem McDonas + The Brothers Grimm

feat. Watercourse Quartet

 7pm | Dobra Tea House

Madison, WI

suggested $5 donation (w/ purchase of tea)


As Beniot Willis and Saucy Pat of Weather Duo leave Mad-town, this shall prove to be our last Watercourse Q4 show for a spell ~ it’s been an absolute pleasure to develop our free improv with you, our Tea Family, during the many Dobra shows we’ve had in the last year!  Keep your ears to the ground, we have recorded an album this summer and will master/print it soon!

“Thollem travels perpetually as a pianist, vocalist, collaborator
and facilitator. His musical experiences are extremely diverse
and his ever expanding variety of approaches to making music
result in dramatically new and different outcomes. He plays in
punk clubs, museums, concert halls and riots. He works regularly
with film makers, dancers, poets and painters as well as a wide
array of divergent musicians and communities. He is the founding
director of Estamos Ensemble, a Mexican-American cross-border
ensemble for musical exchange, as well as lead singer of Tsigoti,
a socio-politically charged avant-punk band among many other
groups and collaborations.”

….still need further incentive to see this show ~ just check out Tholl’s list of recent collaborators!


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