Bell Monks double album Kickstarter

Bell Monks, who’s “music is for the fog on nights that stretch into dawns, combining simple humming lines with swirling textures….” took on an ambitious project in 2011 ~ they composed and recorded two new tracks each month ~ and will soon be releasing select cuts as a double album, but wait! there is a twist!

Earlier this year, Bell Monks asked a number of artist friends (including BCG) to remix a favorite track ~ Disc 2 will include remixes by such artists as ‘Dutch-based composer and electronic musician Henry Vega, Cycling 74’s Gregory Taylor, environmental sound artist Erik DeLuca, and festival organizer and all around crazy character Mark Snyder, among others.’

Here’s a sneak peak at the Brain Grimmer remix!

Bell Monks are great!
Please support the printing of their album ~
preorder your copy at their Kickstarter page!

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