Brennan Connors & Stray Passage | 10/19 Audio For the Arts 8pm


Brennan Connors & Stray Passage

Audio For the Arts

7 S Blair


Doors 7:30pm

Hit 8pm


Stray Passage is…

Brennan Connors | soprano sax

Geoff Brady | drumset

Brian Grimm | cello & electronics


Stray Passage had an incredible experience in July performing at Audio For the Arts and looks forward to intimate interactions with those present this coming Friday, 10/19 ~ There are a handful of new compositions to share and of course… spells of fire-breathing freejazz!

Zen Garden @ AFA


The entire set from July was recorded and after Friday’s show we’ll certainly have enough material for our first CD!  Come, be a part of our album!  Free improvisation is best served live.  With an audience, the improvisers have a need to communicate a statement cohesively as a trio to those present ~ It is You who we are speaking to ~ join us at AFA for another evening of free jazz & compositions!


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