Music con Brio Packet 1

Download v1 pdf: cellopacket1_v1.pdf

Music con Brio Packet 1 (P1) includes:
0. Ants Song
1. CGC-  aka “Low High Low” (LHL) song
2. LHL song  on all open string pairs
3. 3 Blind Mice (310 on D string)
4. Rock ‘n Roll   (Bow rolls)
5. Helicopter Landing (down bow lifts)
6. Around the World   (Bow lifts and string crossings)
7. See Saw   (string crossings and 1st finger)
8. See a little Monkey (“pepperoni pizza” rhythm + 0134 on a single string)
9. Mississippi Mud (Bow, “All the butters” rhythm)
10. Twinkle Theme D MJ  (in halfnotes, “Ice Cream” rhythm)

Advanced options: 

  •  “3 Blind Mice” (310 on all strings)
  •  “Twinkle Rhythm Variations” D MJ (Ice Cream, Long Short-Short,  Pepperoni Pizza, “All the Butters”) 
  •  LHL song with 010, 131, 343

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