Pre-order REGISTERS HER DELIGHT // Other great projects to support

Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps has just reached her Kickstarter goal!!  Thank you to all those who have donated to our project!  You can still preorder your copy of the album at our kickstarter until the CD release party on March 30th, at the Dragonfly Lounge at 9pm.

We received a nice write up today from NetLabelsLife in anticipation of our new album!

Check out our new singles Brachiosaurus Boogie & Rock It, Science!

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Here are some other projects you should support >>

Composer Dr. Michael Schelle Kickstarter : A Thousand Paper Cranes

“There are many reasons I am so deeply moved by the Japan tragedy of March 11, 2011.  Over the years I have been a frequent guest composer in Japan, including a recent visit to Hiroshima, where I witnessed an amazing display of MANY THOUSANDS of exquisite paper cranes – all lovingly hand-made by thousands of school children – adorning the city’s Peace Memorial fence. (This was a breathtaking experience which haunts me to this day). Most importantly, I was so heartbroken by the look of fear, disbelief and sadness I saw on the face of my wife, pianist Miho Sasaki, as she sat paralyzed by her emotions, watching televised images of the devastation of her homeland last March. Because of this and the kinship I’ve grown to feel with the Japanese musical community I felt the need to reach out through a significant new (orchestral) work.”

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Paul Cobb indiegogo: Hammer Screwdriver 

“This project began soon after Paul’s death in October 2011.  Since then, his friends have coordinated the production and organization of hundreds of recordings.  These recordings will go through both engineering and creative processes. With continued support and respect for the Cobb family, the primary purpose of our group is to produce an album of Paul’s unfinished and unreleased songs on vinyl and cassette (Paul’s preferred format).  These songs were left behind in a multitude of recorded mediums and places.  They are under the innocuous and somewhat whimsical nameHammer Screwdriver, (a moniker chosen by Paul for his works, which is derived from his older brother proclaiming upon his birth that “Hammer Screwdriver” would be a good idea for Paul’s name).”

Here is a great musical family tree write up on the Hammer Screwdriver project.

Paul Cobb was a beloved brother in bass for all of us Indy kids ~ He was one of the most beautiful, unfettered spirits I have encountered ~ he is dearly missed since his tragic death this past October ~ Let us help to keep his music alive~

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BenZ indiegogo: Ben Z and Dejection Full Length Album!

“Ben Z and Dejection both have a passion for making music. For them it goes beyond entertainment and becomes a way of living. Each artist has spent countless seasons refining and shaping their craft. For years they created music while living oceans apart and dreamt of what songs would come next. 

This album is going to be electronic hip hop with original creative sounds and compositions by Dejection. Ben Z will provide intelligent, well thought out, and honest lyrics meant to entertain, encourage and inspire those who listen. The content and quality will far surpass that of your average hip hop/rap album.”

I grew up across the street from BenZ ~ we spent a ton of time hanging out during our childhood ~ Now we’re both living/creating in Madison and are mid-process collaborating on an experimental hiphop project ~ please support BenZ’s album, he’s one of the most centered and good natured guys you could meet!

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  1. I’m excited to hear your new project! Thanks for showing love and linking my Indiegogo as well! James Drive must have had a creative energy field hovering over it in the 90’s lol. Keep up the stellar musicianship guys!

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