Watercourse Q4 Live @ Dobra Tea House :: 6-9pm :: 3.8.12 ::

This Thursday, Watercourse Quartet will perform at Dobra Tea House from 6-9pm!

Join us for toothsome teas, great company, and improvised string quartet music!

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::Watercourse Q4::

The Watercourse Quartet performs extended free improvisations upon Double Bass, Cello, Guqin, Pipa, and Classical Guitar where communication is entertained between the performers, audience, and environment.  It grows rather than constructs, pushes with rather than against, collaboratively supports rather than authoritatively suffocates.  The basic form of the music comes through as a gestural and textural ceremony in spatial communion with the players present.  While existing in different rhythmic and melodic zones, they remain in agile step with each other, functionally inseparable instead of separated into functions.  Previous performances at Dobrá have been described as “a tea infused riot of fun, colors of emotion, a broad spectrum of eclecticism” and “a soothing, restorative bath for the collective psyche to immerse in”

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