Bookless, the morning after

Thanks to all who showed some love and came out to hear Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps last night at BOOKLESS!!

What an incredible event ~ The Dobra DJ team Doctor Oxygen was killing it in the DJ Dungen!

We are glad so many people got to experience an vast amount of local art!  It’s not often that a Library is converted to an Art Museum/Music Venue ~ but we sure do hope it happens again… and again… and again!

If you care to hear the entire Lovely Socialite set from last night… here it is!

Lovely Socialite live at BOOKLESS part 1

Lovely Socialite live at BOOKLESS part 2

~ for other interviews and live bits of Watercourse Quartet, Lovely Socialite, and the Brothers Grimm…

Interviews and Live Bits

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