Erin S. Baal, Board of Directors, Strollers Theatre Ltd., Madison

[Dance/Theater Score]  “The Collaborative Process – Brian, has worked very closely with our directors to produce not only the kind of sound that a production needs, but the kind of score that transcends the page.  

Commitment – Like an actor or designer, Brian uses music to express what a particular script ignites in his imagination.  He then hones that score to fall into the vision the director has for that particular production.  Having been an actor in 2 productions Brain has scored, he not only makes himself present in a majority of the rehearsals, but he becomes so attuned to the rhythm of the scene that his music is another character in the show.  So much so, that, on the days he was not in rehearsal, it was like a character was missing; the rehearsal somehow felt lesser.

Live Performance – When playing live at the performances, he adjusts his own execution to match what he sees on stage paying close attention to the actors’ pace, intensity, even their breathing.  In my most recent production with Brian, The Baltimore Waltz, he also created the pre-recorded sound effects and seamlessly played live in tandem with those cues.  This sound design and score, winning him the 2015 Bartell Theatre Award – Best Sound Design of the 2014-2015 Season.

Post Script – Brian’s talent and skill are an asset to any production, but it’s his attitude toward his work and his personality that make him a joy to have on your team.”