The new Brothers Grimm studio album REDOLENT SPIRES is finally printed and

ready to share!  Help us celebrate the art of our incredible collaborators Landon Arkens (recording eng.), Josh Newland (album art), & Diwas Sherchan (booklet photos)!!

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REDOLENT SPIRES now available on GrimmusiK & Mine All Mine Records!!

$10 digital // physical cd at show

$12 physical cd ~ mailed to you

Brothers Grimm 


album release party

Dobra Tea

Fri, June 8th 2012

7pm Watercourse Q4 + DB Pedersen

8pm REDOLENT SPIRES premiere

9pm mega DJ party-athon-#1-fun-time

DJ Squad Bohemian Transplant 

Original album cover concept art by Josh Newland!

AV Club shout out

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